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The Most Uncommon & Unique Ways to Use CBD

The Most Uncommon & Unique Ways To Use CBD - His Grace Organics

According to the data in 2019, CBD in the U.S. is more popular than Jesus, Kanye West, Tailor Swift, The NBA, The Beatles, and AOC, so more and more people want to experiment with the famous hemp-derived compound.

Such rising popularity of CBD made many manufacturers come up with unique formulas and create some of the most innovative products offering unique ways to use CBD.

CBD products are no longer only CBD oils and tinctures, and now you can find products of many different kinds. More options keep appearing on the market as science keeps unraveling the cannabis plant and the endocannabinoid system. Because it found endocannabinoid receptors under the skin, many people want to use CBD externally in their skincare routines. Others prefer ingesting CBD oil but are searching for new ways to do so, rather than only through oils and softgels.

If you are searching for inspiration on how to use CBD in unique and uncommon ways, here’s the list of them to spark your creativity and make your CBD journey more exciting.

1. CBD Baths

Infusing baths with CBD is one of the most uncommon and innovative ways of using CBD. Bath bombs enrich bathwater with natural, nourishing ingredients, different soothing smells, and of course with hemp-derived CBD. This combination makes it an excellent product for those who want to de-stress and wash daily stresses away while moisturizing and refreshing the skin. Although CBD creams and topicals have long been available on the market, CBD bathbombs are currently the only topical that doesn’t work in a localized area rather than the entire body and skin in one soak.

2. CBD Patches

CBD patches are unique and innovative in two ways. They are applied topically but are the only topical products that work inside the body – CBD from patches enters the bloodstream. And are the only product you won’t need to consume orally for CBD to interact with ECS receptors in the body. One of the reasons people use CBD patches is that they release CBD gradually and provide long-lasting balanced effects.

3. Hair Care

CBD is now everywhere, including hair care products. Many Americans struggle with hair loss, so infusing hair shampoo and conditioner with CBD is a new way of using CBD topically for stronger and thicker hair.

4. CBD Edibles

CBD-infused edibles are no longer a surprise – CBD gummies have been around for as long as CBD oil has. However, now consumers experiment with all kinds of homemade edibles and beverages. Some like to make homemade cocktails with CBD and alcohol; others want to infuse the morning coffee with CBD for a kick of energy, while some cook various recipes with CBD. CBD tinctures are the most popular product on the CBD market, but many people who acquire them use tinctures only sublingually without realizing it’s an excellent ingredient to use for infusing all kinds of edibles with CBD. Just a few drops of CBD oil in your drinks, salads or baked goods can transform your CBD consumption into whole another level. However, remember that orally consumed CBD takes longer than sublingually administered CBD as the latter takes the shortcut to your bloodstream through sublingual blood vessels. On the other hand, CBD edibles first need to go through the digestive tract before your body absorbs the active ingredient -CBD.

5. CBD Pet Products

If you own a pet, you know the look they give when they want something you eat. Have you already seen that look while consuming CBD? Our furry friends want to try CBD too. Luckily for our four-legged friends, the CBD market now has options for them. CBD pet products available on today’s market are designed specifically for cats and dogs in drops or pet treats and provide CBD potency just for them. Pets like humans have endocannabinoid receptors, so when we give our pets CBD, it also interacts with ECS receptors in their bodies to experience CBD just like their owners.

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While there are countless CBD products on the market, not all are of the same quality. Regardless of how innovative a product is, the quality of CBD remains the primary factor to experience its results without unwanted side effects or consequences. That’s why it’s crucial to shop for premium solutions from reliable brands on the market.

At His Grace Organics, everything we offer in our inventory is guaranteed in quality through third-party lab testing. We make lab test results available online for you, so you can be well-assured to be acquiring the most premium product. Some of the innovative products we offer include CBD bath bombs, CBD hair products, CBD coffee, CBD pet products, and a wide variety of CBD skincare products.

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