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CBD Products that Can Help Mothers

CBD Products that Can Help Mothers

If you are a health-conscious or wellness enthusiast mother who hasn’t yet joined millions of CBD enthusiasts, you probably wonder which CBD products can help mothers. Below we provide the list of products you can try, recommended dosage, and consumption methods to begin your journey confidently!

Being a Mother Can Put a Lot on Your Plate

Being a mother is more than a full-time job; you never get paid time off, nor can you resign a position to find a better one. Hearing people without kids talking about stress might make you giggle inside – the biggest stress they are about to experience is still ahead. Not that we shouldn’t raise kids or being a parent doesn’t come with its advantages, but being a mother can put a lot on your plate, and sometimes it might get challenging to find an effective remedy for fighting stress. Besides, as a mother, you probably don’t have enough room in the schedule to spend as much time in the gym as before or invest in similar stress-fighting activities, especially when employed and having kids at home. Either you have to work harder now or devote all your spare time to the little ones. 

Can CBD Help Mothers?

Unquestionably, you have already heard about CBD from other moms or CBD enthusiasts or came across it online. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is now wellness mainstream, and millions of Americans have already included it in their routines. Although researchers still have a lot to learn about CBD, many consumers claim to achieve positive outcomes from regular CBD consumption. 

According to the 2021 US CBD consumer report, nearly one in three Americans have already tried CBD. According to the report, 60% of CBD consumers in 2021 used CBD for relaxation and stress relief. Other reasons for using CBD were:

  • Aches and discomfort – 53.6%
  • Improve Sleep Quality – 47.6%
  • Relieve muscle soreness/accelerate recovery – 43.8%
  • Help to fall asleep – 43.6%
  • Improve mood -41%
  • Improve general health – 26.2%
  • Improve focus and concentration – 21.8%

73% of these consumers reported CBD was effective for relaxation, and more than 60% of consumers stated that it helped them reach their desired goals. Females were the largest gender group in the report, accounting for 53.7% of the overall pool, versus males at 46.1%. The majority of current CBD consumers stated that they have been using their products for more than a year. Large numbers of existing CBD consumers are supplementing or replacing medications with CBD.

While there’s still a lot to learn about CBD, it seems like most CBD consumers have driven notable results. Whether or not CBD will bring the same outcomes for you depends on numerous factors, including which CBD product you choose.

CBD Products for Mothers

Finding the right product requires time not all mothers have but don’t worry. Below is a quick breakdown of products you can try to jump-start your CBD journey today.

CBD Oil Tincture – CBD tinctures – sublingual CBD oil drops are most consumers’ favorite product for some good reasons; it offers the highest bioavailability and quickest results. More importantly, oil tinctures are great for beginners. It comes with a convenient measurement dropper allowing you to dose each CBD serving carefully. 

After CBD tinctures, CBD gummies battle for the most widely used, recognized and preferred CBD product type. These chewable CBD candies are unquestionably the best product for mothers with a sweet tooth. They are also great if you don’t want to do any prep work as gummies contain a certain premeasured amount of CBD oil and all you need to do is enjoy these delicious bites! 

  • CBD softgels are great if you have already determined your daily CBD dosage and search for a tasteless and convenient CBD consumption method. Like gummies, they feature a specific CBD amount per serving. Unlike tinctures, softgels will take longer to kick in as they will first travel to the digestive tract before CBD enters the bloodstream.
  • CBD topicals are the way to go if you want CBD to work outside your body in a local targeted area such as joints or muscles. Those designed for relief combine CBD with other natural pain-relieving ingredients that can drive instant results.
  • CBD Skin Care products can bring your skincare to a whole new level by introducing CBD to your skin. Once absorbed, CBD interacts with ECS receptors under the skin, so skincare with CBD has a new layer of comfort.
  • If you are a mother to four-legged furry children and want to spread love and joy, try CBD oil drops for pets and share the wellness trend with them.

Why His Grace Organics?

Even though CBD does sound like a promising ingredient, the current CBD market is unregulated. CBD consumers and even non-consumers are calling for the FDA to step in and regulate CBD for safety reasons, raising industry standards of quality, and ensuring that each product is worth the cost. Until then, the only way to know your CBD product is worth what it costs is to shop from reputable CBD brands that offer a layer of safety and guarantee through transparency and independent laboratory testing. 

His Grace Organics is a premier CBD brand working with manufacturers that produce the highest quality hemp products in GMP Certified and FDA registered facilities. Our products are healthy, effective, safe, and tested at third-party laboratories. 

Our CBD is:

  • Made from Non-GMO Organic Hemp, 
  • Premium Grade,
  • Made in the USA, 
  • 3rd Party Tested, 
  • Gluten-Free, 
  • Natural
  • Farm Bill Compliant, 
  • Pesticides Free, 
  • Free of Metals and Harsh Chemicals.

Shop online at His Grace Organics.

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