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How Can CBD Oil Help Lower Blood Pressure?

How Can CBD Oil Help Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure comes with numerous unwanted symptoms that can interfere with your daily life. Besides, it can lead to multiple health complications such as heart attack, stroke, or kidney disease. Therefore, if you have been dealing with hypertension, you probably are searching for a natural remedy to help that won’t cause common side effects of medication. This article will explore how cannabidiol, CBD – a natural hemp-derived cannabinoid can help lower blood pressure and which products you can try.

Problems with High Blood Pressure

Although many people have hypertension, not all know about it. Often it’s a silent condition that won’t cause any symptoms until it becomes a severe condition, after which it can cause:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Buzzing in the ears
  • Fatigue
  • Nose bleed
  • Shortness of breath

High blood pressure makes your arteries less elastic, decreasing blood and oxygen flow to your heart and leading to heart disease. Additionally, reduced blood flow to the heart can cause: Chest pain, also called angina.

Types of Hypertension and Their Causes

There are two primary kinds of hypertension, with the most common being essential or primary; it’s hypertension with no apparent cause. When a cause can be identified, it’s secondary hypertension. 

Primary causes of secondary hypertension include:

  • Thyroid problems
  • Alcohol consumption
  • medications 
  • Diabetes complications
  • Kidney disease
  • Sleep apnea

Although causes of primary hypertension are difficult to determine, unhealthy lifestyle habits and certain circumstances usually put you at risk for developing primary hypertension.

Common causes of primary hypertension include:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Diet high in salt
  • Drinking too much coffee or other caffeinated drinks
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Stress

What is CBD?

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is an active compound in hemp – marijuana’s cousin plant. CBD is many wellness enthusiasts’ favorite ingredient due to its possible benefits and non-intoxicating nature. Unlike THC in marijuana, CBD, even in high doses, doesn’t cause euphoric or mind-altering symptoms, and it’s federally legal in the U.S. with no more than .3% THC.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD works by interacting with the ECS system in our bodies. Short for the endocannabinoid system, ECS plays a crucial role in many bodily functions such as mood, pain, memory, and homeostasis. 

Does ECS Regulate Blood Pressure

The study indicates ECS also plays a vital cardiovascular regulatory role in hypertension. Thus, ECS and its supplementation through plant-based cannabinoids set the hope for patients with hypertension and medical researchers. For now, what researchers have found is that cannabinoids like CBD and THC can interact with ECS receptors in the brain and body and provide varying health outcomes across consumers. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t bind to these receptors rather than indirectly affects them without the side effects of marijuana. Regardless of the dose, you won’t experience THC’s side effects if you consume a federally legal CBD product with no more than .3% THC. 

Can CBD Help with Hypertension?

While it’s still too early to give a definite answer whether CBD can help with any health condition, there’re certain links we can find between CBD usage and hypertension. 

According to the US CBD insider consumer report in 2021, 60,3% of consumers used CBD for relaxation, and 73,6% reported CBD was effective. Because there’s a direct correlation between stress and high blood pressure, anything that can help you unwind could potentially lower your blood pressure. That’s one indirect link between CBD and hypertension. Furthermore, 72,7% of those consumers who used CBD to help them fall asleep achieved desired results. According to Mayo Clinic, the less you sleep, the higher your blood pressure can go; therefore, improved sleep can unquestionably help lower blood pressure.

Which CBD Products to Use for Blood Pressure?

CBD comes in many forms, and there’s no one specific one for blood pressure. Regardless of their type, all products contain a certain amount of CBD. Which of these is the best fit depends on the following factors:

  • CBD quality

Even if CBD works wonders for your body, the only safe way to consume it is by acquiring a safe product. FDA doesn’t regulate the CBD market, and many products available online may contain harmful ingredients like heavy metals or pesticides. Thus, it’s crucial to shop from reputable CBD brands that provide third-party lab test results for their customers. 

  • Dosage

When you start your CBD journey, begin with a small dosage per day, such as 10-20 mg CBD, and gradually increase the intake until you determine what works best. If 25mg CBD is your daily dosage, find a product that can help you reach it in 1-2 servings.

  • Consumption method

Different CBD product types require different consumption. CBD oil tinctures are amongst the most versatile products on the market. You can use them for sublingual administration that delivers the quickest results and allows you to use CBD in your morning coffee, smoothies, or any homemade recipe. CBD edibles provide a delicious CBD experience through tasteful CBD gummies. Softgels, on the other hand, offer a tasteless CBD experience. Both of these have a predetermined CBD amount and are best to use only after finding your daily CBD dosage.

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Even if you have decided to use CBD for hypertension, the options on the market are endless, and choosing the right fit for you can get challenging. Shopping at His Grace Organics can save you some time and help you acquire premium CBD on the market. At His Grace Organics, we work with manufacturers that produce the highest quality hemp products in GMP Certified and FDA-registered facilities. Our products are healthy, effective, safe, and tested at third-party laboratories. 

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