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Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief

We live in a stressful world, and regardless of what you do, where you work, or your lifestyle habits, you most probably experience stress daily. 

Although stress can sometimes be helpful and push us to complete tasks, it can also affect our bodily processes, including breathing. Because stress turns on flight-or-fight response in humans, our bodies prepare themselves to run from danger – sometimes a horrible boss at work or a terrible driver on the road. During a stress response, your body believes to be running for life, and you may start experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath or faster breathing. 

The way you breathe can affect your bodily functions like blood pressure and heart rate and worsen your anxiety symptoms. In contrast, balancing your breath can help you feel balanced and reduce anxiety, so in this article, we’ll provide you with breathing techniques for stress relief to help you calm down and relax when feeling stressed.

Diaphragmatic Breathing


Whenever you feel stressed, there will always be someone suggesting to ‘take a deep breath.’ The advice told over and over again can indeed help you relax and lower your cortisol levels, but only when done right.

Diaphragmatic breathing is a simple technique that balances your body by equal breathing, then taking deep breaths alone. It helps strengthen the diaphragm – a vital muscle at the base of your lungs that enables you to breathe and is also one of the best ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Fortunately, it’s simple to perform, and you won’t have to spend too much time on it. There are many variations of diaphragmatic breathing exercises, but the most basic one is to focus on deep, full breaths. 

How to Perform


Sit in a comfortable position with your knees bent. Inhale from the nose, and count the seconds until you feel your lungs and belly are full; then pause for a second, start exhaling through your mouth, counting again until you reach the same number as during the inhale. 

Alternate Nostril Breathing


Alternate nostril breathing has been around for centuries – it’s a type of yoga breathing practice and is an excellent exercise to help you regulate your breathing and reduce anxiety. It’s easy to perform, and you’ll need only 2-5 minutes to see its outcome. 

How to Perform


To get started, sit in a comfortable position, ideally in a quiet room.  Use the right thumb to cover the right nostril, and take a deep breath through the left nostril. When you have fully inhaled, put your ring finger on your left nostril, and exhale through the right nostril. Now deeply inhale from the night nostril, cover it with your ring finger, and exhale through the left nostril. 

Continue this pattern until you feel calmer and more relaxed. The exercise will help you feel more balanced, focused, and energized.

Coherent Breathing


As the name suggests, the coherent breathing technique aims to make your breathing consistent by taking an average of 5 breaths per minute. It’s one of the easiest exercises you can perform at any place any time – on the bus, at your boss’s office, at your friend’s house, etc.

How to Perform


All you need to do to perform this breathing exercise is inhale for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 4 for one minute. Then increase your inhale and exhale to 5 seconds for one more minute, and after that, increase it to 6 seconds. Taking 6-second long inhales and exhales will allow you to take a total of 5 breaths per minute, regulate your breathing, and make it consistent, so you feel less stressed and more at peace. 

Mindful Breathing


Mindful breathing is a popular and powerful technique to help you relax by focusing your mind on breathing. One of the major causes of anxiety isn’t the stressful events stand-alone, but stressful and negative thoughts that occur in our minds after or before the stressful event. Mindfulness helps us identify the stream of negative thoughts and stay present.

How to Perform


Because mindfulness needs your full attention and focus, it’s best to find a quiet room or space to sit comfortably without distractions. You can perform mindful breathing with your eyes closed or open. Although your mind may start wandering and produce unwanted thoughts, identify them and try to bring your attention to your breath. Focus on your inhale and exhale but don’t try to control or manipulate it, but simply observe it. Feel the air in your body – in your nostrils, chest, throat, and belly and stay there from 5 to 7 minutes until you feel more relaxed and at peace. 

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Finding ways to cope with stress isn’t easy, and we hope the breathing exercises above will help you reduce the symptoms of anxiety. When looking for natural remedies to combine with breathing techniques to help feel balanced, you may wonder if CBD can help as you see many people around you already giving the famous cannabis compound a try. 

In short, CBD is a natural ingredient occurring in cannabis plants. CBD on the market derives from hemp – it’s non-addictive, federally legal, and safe to consume daily. CBD works by interacting with the human Endocannabinoid system, which plays a vital role in many bodily functions, including homeostasis – maintaining internal stability. Many people use CBD for stress relief and staying in balance because it delivers varying results amongst customers, and the best way to know how it will affect you is to try it.

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