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Best CBD Products for Thanksgiving

best cbd products for thanksgiving

When feeling stressed and anxious about forthcoming Thanksgiving, you might wonder if CBD products can help you relax and enjoy the celebration. Here’s the list of products you can try!

Thanksgiving is about to come, and although many of us look forward to it, not all of us are equally excited about the celebration, and some feel too overwhelmed to feel grateful. 

Does your anxiety kick in every time you think about Turkey Day? Don’t worry. Feeling stressed during the holidays is normal. For some people, the fear of holidays is so severe there is a particular term for their anxiety disorder – Heortophobia fear of holidays. Although you might not have an actual phobia, you might feel worried when some of the biggest celebrations are around the corner.

You may feel stressed because there’s too much on your plate besides the delicious Thanksgiving turkey, like shopping, cooking, cleaning, traveling, and the holiday to-do list that can be overwhelming. Or you might also feel stressed, anxious, or sad because your holiday celebrations are no longer the same during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Whatever is the reason for distress in anticipation of Thanksgiving, you might start searching for ways to help relax and enjoy the celebration and wonder which CBD products are best to try.

Can CBD Help Fight the Holiday Stress?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an abbreviation you must have already heard thousands of times or seen at numerous stores. Have you heard others speaking of its stress-relieving properties? Then you might want to include it on your Thanksgiving menu. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound that manufacturers extract from marijuana’s non-psychoactive and federally legal cousin hemp. Per the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s legal when it doesn’t contain more than .3% THC (psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for marijuana’s high).

The hemp-derived cannabinoid – CBD delivers results through the interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human (and pets) bodies. The interaction results in varying health and wellness outcomes; thus, estimating the exact results you will experience from CBD is difficult. Still, 50% of consumers use CBD for relaxation, and 78,9% of these consumers find CBD to help achieve their goal, per the 2019 US CBD Consumer Report. 

Best CBD Products for Thanksgiving

CBD products come in numerous forms, so now that you want to try the famous cannabis compound, you might wonder which ones are the best to try to deal with thanksgiving pressure. Here are the best CBD products for 2021 Thanksgiving:

CBD Gummies

Holidays are for delicious meals, and not only. CBD gummies are incredibly popular on the hemp-derived market for two primary reasons – they are sweet and tasty and offer the most convenient CBD consumption.  

CBD gummies are worth trying – these mouthwatering snacks can be an excellent addition to your Thanksgiving menu. Plus, if you are a vegan and skip eating Thanksgiving turkey, vegan CBD gummies can be a wonderful vegan treat you can enjoy during the celebration. 

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are very popular on the CBD market because they are the fastest-acting and most bioavailable out of all other CBD products. CBD tinctures offer a sublingual administration method. The vessels under the tongue allow CBD to travel directly to the bloodstream bypassing the liver and the digestive tract, providing quick and potent results. Tinctures usually include ingredients to mask CBD oil’s natural, earthy, and bitter taste and come with a dropper applicator for sublingual administration. You can also use them to infuse your holiday beverages and food with a few drops of CBD oil, so tinctures are amongst the best products to try on Thanksgiving. 

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are amongst the most innovative CBD topical products that guarantee relaxation. CBD-infused bath bombs enrich your bath with different aromas, such as lavender, which work on your mind through the scents and terpenes they provide. On the other hand, CBD in the bath bomb affects your body through the ECS receptors under the skin. It nourishes, softens, and moisturizes the largest organ while washing away your stress. CBD bath bombs can help create a luxurious bath time and relieve tension before Thanksgiving, so they are amongst the best CBD products to try. 

CBD Softgels

When searching for odorless, flavorless, and convenient CBD consumption CBD softgels are the way to go. As the name suggests, they are easy to swallow due to their softshell. Softgels are easy to consume – they don’t need any prep work or dosing but are best to use once you’ve determined the daily CBD dose. CBD softgels come in varying options and sometimes combine CBD with other natural ingredients, like curcumin.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals work outside of your body in a localized skin area and are many athletes’ favorite products. They usually combine numerous natural ingredients to moisturize the skin, relieve muscle tension, and feature a predetermined CBD amount. CBD topicals come in various forms, including creams, lotions, salves, roll-on gels, etc. They are best to use when you want CBD to work in a specific and problematic body area.

CBD for Pets

Your pets can get anxious, too, especially during holidays when there’re fireworks, too many people visiting, loud noises, or other unusual situations. Luckily, they have the endocannabinoid system (ECS) too, so CBD products for pets are also popular on the market. When searching for ways to de-stress your furry friends, try CBD products for pets, such as CBD pet drops.

Do You Want to Try Premium CBD Products this Thanksgiving? Shop at His Grace Organics!

Sure, CBD can sound promising, but 70% of CBD labels provide false information about the products. Some don’t contain the indicated CBD amount, and others might include toxic amounts of THC or other hazardous elements. None of these will help you achieve the desired goals, so finding high-quality products is crucial.

At His Grace Organics, every product features pure and finest quality ingredients. Most importantly, we prove the quality of our products through third-party lab testing.

Our CBD is:

  • Made from Non-GMO Organic Hemp, 
  • Premium Grade,
  • Made in the USA, 
  • 3rd Party Tested, 
  • Gluten-Free, 
  • Natural
  • Farm Bill Compliant, 
  • Pesticides Free, 
  • Free of Metals and Harsh Chemicals.

Here you can choose from our vast product assortment and choose the best product for your goals and lifestyle habits. Get started today and receive the wellness innovation you can trust straight to your door before Thanksgiving to enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

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