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How to Look After Your Mental Health

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Mental health is crucial for our health and well-being, and it affects every aspect of our lives. Even knowing that, sometimes we forget to take care of our psychological and emotional well-being. Our hectic lifestyles might make it challenging to devote time to taking care of ourselves, but it’s essential to stay productive and deal with the stress we experience. Luckily, looking after your mental health isn’t difficult and doesn’t require too much time or resources, and below are five simple tips to help.

Stay in Touch With Others

When we feel stressed, we try to avoid all stressors, including simple things, like a call from our relative. We tend to think we are short on time, so sometimes we may isolate ourselves from others, thinking we can use that time more beneficially, like complete a work assignment or so many things we already have on our plate. However, humans are social species. We are programmed to cooperate to survive, and when we isolate ourselves from others, we might start feeling lonely, vulnerable, and at risk. 

Social isolation may cause adverse health problems like depression, poor sleep, impaired immunity, and more. So, does saving time on connecting with others let us complete more tasks? No. It might even impair our executive function or make us feel guilty. Have you ever ignored someone’s call but then spent several minutes with a stream of negative thoughts, trying to think of all possible reasons why you didn’t pick up? That’s because you felt guilty and were trying to come up with excuses, so you might have spent more time thinking about the call than you’d have to spend speaking with the caller. 

Connecting with others is crucial for our well-being, a sense of purpose, and self-esteem. However, the spread of coronavirus, and the global pandemic, might have caused you to isolate yourself from others or still may be the reason for you to avoid others’ company. Luckily, technological advancements help us connected virtually when in-person interactions are implausible. Devote some time to talking to your friends and family even when it seems you don’t have enough time. A 5-minute call might boost your mood and make you feel connected without dramatically affecting your daily chores or work, so ensure to stay in touch with others, either virtually or through in-person interactions.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise lowers the rate of mental illness and is crucial for overall and mental well-being. Regular exercise can have a profound effect on numerous aspects of your life and health. It can help relieve stress, boost mood, promote better sleep, and increase energy levels. Exercise stimulates the release of chemicals called endorphins in your body – neurotransmitters that help relieve pain, promote a positive feeling in the body, and make you feel good. Physical activity also stimulates the release of other chemicals in the body, such as dopamine, and serotonin, that significantly affect your mood. Besides boosting feel-good chemicals, exercise can suppress the release of stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, which in high amounts can be detrimental to your health.


Although sometimes you might not have enough time or financial resources to plan a long trip, even short breaks, like driving to the nearest town and changing scenery, can help release tension, relax, prevent burnout, and improve your mood. Exploring new places can help you disconnect from your negative thoughts, focus on new things, and even boost your creativity. Traveling can help de-stress, refresh your mind, and escape from your daily routine, especially when your work stresses you out.

Many people struggle to say ‘no’ to others, even when they don’t want to do something others need. It can result in not only stress and anxiety but unwanted consequences, such as working at the job you hate, taking a trip you don’t want, eating food you dislike, or even taking substances harmful to your body. All these can negatively affect your mental and physical health, so say ‘no’ when necessary. Most of the time, you say ‘yes’ to others’ requests to prevent feeling guilty, but don’t let the guilt dictate your life. Learning to stop feeling guilty is equally essential to your mental well-being as learning to say ‘no’ to others.

Sleep Well

Stress, anxiety, depression, and numerous mental health problems can affect our sleep quality. In return, our sleep affects our mental health, so it may seem like a cycle you cannot break, but it’s possible.

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for our bodies and minds to recharge, and when you’re sleep-deprived, most likely, you’re also struggling with mental health issues and numerous physical symptoms. A study indicates that a night of restful sleep may ‘reset’ brain reactivity to prepare for emotional challenges the next day. When you don’t get enough sleep, you may be more prone to stress and anxiety and be less productive, which will cause more anxiety. Insufficient sleep can cause numerous symptoms, from low mood to irritability, exhaustion, and increased stress. If you struggle to get enough sleep, you should find solutions to help, such as lifestyle changes, exercise, and natural remedies.

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