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Our Story

Today’s urban lifestyle can be quite overwhelming; we all go through some form of mental, physical and emotional stress only to run the same cycle through dawn and dusk, day after day. Sure, we cannot escape this life and move to Venus but we can switch off from all the hustle and take a deep breathe. His Grace Organics is here to ease you into that deep breathe. We want to make a difference in the world, to make it a mindful, anxiety-free place for everyone.

We are here to offer you premium organic hemp products that promote a sense of tranquility and assist in a better night’s sleep. Our oils nourish, hydrate and moisturize the skin. It also aids in joint relief, stiffness and recovery. They enhance clarity, focus and performance, while grounding our moods. His Grace Organics has something for everybody.

His Grace Organics came to life when our founder, Renaldo “Todd” Jeffries, was on a prolonged pursuit to find natural ways to help his joint pain and anxiety. His desire to learn led him to CBD oils and their numerous benefits. He took months to learn about CBD, its farming and the extraction process.

His Grace Organics is now partnered with manufacturers that produce the highest quality hemp products in GMP Certified and FDA registered facilities. We work with the world’s leading formulators, scientists, doctors and professionals to ensure our products are healthy, effective and safe.

Our Vision

At His Grace Organics, we aspire to make quality hemp oils an accessible and effective path to recovery and composure for every urban individual.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower as many people as we can, with a better quality of life.

Core Values


We are honest and transparent in our communication and are committed to doing what’s best for our consumers and our employees. We have a zero-tolerance policy for unethical attitudes and behaviors.


As a company, we are here to empower you. We are here to respect, honor and energize you.


Our consumers are the heart and soul of this brand. We never compromise on the quality of our products and ensure the best experience for you.

Brand Tone & Voice

Our tone of voice is the extension of our brand and personality within the products and services we provide. It is the foundation of everything we write.

The way we “speak” to our target audience is non-verbal and has to be portrayed in our marketing material, social media, newsletters and other written collateral. It can be used to invoke some sort of feeling in the consumer. It also informs them of the decisions we make every day and overall approach.

The tone of communication is what brings the brand to life and gives us the opportunity to build a relationship with the target audience, which is a reflection on the kind of experience they are about to have with us. They must understand what we bring to the table and have confidence in choosing His Grace Organics. At the same time, we need to be sensitive and let our consumers feel empowered to develop an authentic liking towards their choice of products.

As a rule of thumb, remember that this business will grow and the person in charge of creating content will most likely change multiple times, hence we are standardizing the tone to help mitigate changes in writing styles and digital communication etiquette.

His Grace Organics voice is empathetic, playful and empowering.

  • Connecting with the target audience empathetically makes us relatable and reliable – like we ‘understand’.
  • Where there is CBD, there is playfulness – make funny but appropriate comments, use cheeky emojis, pull the audience in, instead of pushing what we have on them.
  • Empower people to choose CBD free of all judgement.

There will be times when we feel like we may be missing something while trying to get a message across. Here are a few questions to ask – Is it empowering enough? Are we being playful and friendly or plain sarcastic? Does this seem empathetic towards their problems? Honestly, we all go through it. We got to trust our gut. Trust what we write. And always remember to keep our consumers at the center of everything. Keep the approach simple and effective – fuss-free and natural.

The tone of voice is often ignored but try to keep at it as much as possible. It can be modified in a multitude of situations. Product news, brand marketing and media mentions may be slightly more professional than social media and website content, which can be playful and friendly. We are here to inspire and empower our consumers not influence them, do not come off too strong or inauthentic. If mistakes are made, especially on social media, own up to it. Never play the blame game, or bring another brand/person down – in today’s cancel culture, brand image can easily be damaged.

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