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Spring Into Wellness: Jump into Spring with CBD

Spring Into Wellness Jump into Spring with CBD - His Grace Organics

Spring has sprung, flowers have started to bloom, it’s warming up, and the days are getting longer; isn’t Spring the best season out of them all? It should be, but the season is also synonymous with spring allergies and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), alongside many other spring health concerns for millions of Americans. Moreover, many Spring activities can cause discomfort, especially if you are already dealing with chronic pain. Finally, warmer weather and increased humidity invite acne, and seasonal pollen might trigger eczema flare-ups. Is there a way to try and prevent these health outcomes? You might have guessed right – it’s investing in your wellness. 

Why CBD?

If you have never tried this hemp-derived ingredient, Spring is the best time to jump on the bandwagon of CBD enthusiasts. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a famous cannabinoid taking the stage on the global wellness scene. 

Here are some of the primary reasons why CBD is millions of Americans’ favorite wellness product:

  • CBD is federally legal in the U.S.
  • It’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.
  • CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) 
  • CBD isn’t addictive
  • People can use CBD for various reasons
  • CBD products are widely available on the market 

While CBD is no cure-for-all and not a drug rather than a supplement, implementing CBD products into your daily routine might provide you with positive outcomes.

What Are the Common Uses of CBD?

Because CBD, depending on individual factors and the product type being used, provides varying outcomes, people use CBD for different reasons. 

According to the CBD Insider 2019 US CBD Consumer’s Report, these reasons are:

  • Aches and discomfort (58%)
  • Relaxation (50%)
  • Muscle soreness and recovery (41%)
  • Sleep (38.8%)
  • Mood (37,9%)
  • General Health (28,9%)
  • Energy (23%)
  • Focus (18,9%)
  • Recreation (14,6%)
  • Skincare (11,2%)
  • Pets (6.5%)
  • Other (2,5%)

Is CBD a Cure?

As stated above, CBD is not a cure, and it’s not a drug your doctor will prescribe to deal with spring health concerns; however, as you see, many people have used CBD for numerous conditions you might experience during the season. CBD might sound promising for many because of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in humans and animals, which plays a vital role in many bodily functions such as stress, pain, memory, and homeostasis. Taking CBD will indirectly affect ECS receptors in the brain and immune system and provide differing effects. 

How to Jump into Spring with CBD?

How to get started with CBD is a common question amongst first-timers, and adding CBD products to your daily spring routine might come with many questions. Thus, below we will guide you to using CBD for your needs based on a product you choose (or how to choose the product based on your needs).

Give CBD Oils a Shot

CBD oil is the most versatile product on the market you can use this Spring. Although sublingual administration is the most common method of using
CBD tinctures, you can use them to infuse anything with CBD, even your morning coffee. Still, sublingual administration offers the quickest outcomes and the most bioavailability. As a result, less will get lost on the way, and you will start experiencing CBD’s effects much sooner than with any other product (thanks to the sublingual blood vessels allowing CBD to make a shortcut to the bloodstream).

Let CBD Absorb into Your Skin

When your concern with Spring is skin conditions, chronic pain, or joint discomfort, it’s best to use CBD topically in a targeted area. Transdermal CBD products, also known as
CBD topicals, work outside of the body without traveling through the bloodstream to provide effects. Topicals for ache and discomfort usually combine CBD with natural pain-relieving ingredients such as menthol, eucalyptus, or lavender, delivering immediate results. CBD skincare products comprise natural ingredients to nourish and hydrate your skin, keep it clean and help you get better skin.

Soak into CBD Bath

CBD bathbombs are relatively new on the market, but they have already gained a reputation for being the most relaxing. They will help you wash your spring stresses away by providing an aromatic and calming experience while soothing your skin. A warm bath already has its benefits, and infusing it with CBD bathbombs adds a layer of comfort to it. 

Indulge in CBD Gummies

When searching for a healthy and delicious snack for this Spring, try
CBD gummies. They offer the most tasteful and fun CBD experience for everyone (including vegans in the case of vegan CBD gummies.) Gummies are easy to incorporate into your routine and easy to take on the go. They don’t require any prep work and contain a premeasured CBD amount. 

Skip the Flavors with CBD Softgels

If you aren’t a big fan of natural or fruitful flavors and are searching for a flavorless CBD experience,
softgels are the way to go. They are easy to consume with water and provide a predetermined CBD amount, so you won’t need to measure the dose yourself or do any prep work. Besides CBD, softgels contain other natural ingredients, depending on the product you choose, like curcumin, melatonin, or even other cannabinoids. 

Look into Our Inventory

Your first CBD product has to be the best of them all; thus, you can experience what you desire and deserve instead of disappointment. At His Grace Organics, you can find CBD in every form and choose the best one for your goals. Most importantly, regardless of your selection, every product in our inventory combines only the premium ingredients and undergoes third-party lab analysis to ensure their quality. Start your CBD journey today,
shop at His Grace Organics and jump into the Spring with CBD!

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