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CBD Gummies for Sex – Full Spectrum

CBD Gummies for Sex to Foster Intimate Connections

Full Spectrum CBD gummies for sex are a plant-based love potion that helps you get down with your bad self and those around you. Our Intimacy CBD gummies for sex are a loving formulation of full-spectrum CBD and Maca Root designed to help foster heightened sensation and increased libido function.


Product Details:
25mg or 50mg CBD: studies are being done on its role in increasing blood flow and promoting lubrication
20mg Maca Root: was found to support libido function in a study on women
.75mg or 1.5mg THC: has shown promise in its role to induce relaxation & heighten stimulation
Cranberry Orange: an invigorating and refreshing flavor


How To Use:
CBD gummies take time to build up in your system and work best when taken consistently. If you’re just getting started we recommend a full 30-days of daily use to gauge effectiveness (at least 14). Dosing is different for everyone but beginner doses typically range from 10-25mg. Always consult a doctor for medical advice.




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